PEACETRAITS – Peace’s portraits


Peace’s portraits

Thoughts and ideas on peace and hope


G. Regnani, #peacetraits_13, 2023

giancarlosantoni > Pensare l’Arteterapia

“Masud Khan, uno psicoanalista, delinea un aspetto dell’esperienza di sé privo di conflitti, individuale e privato, che definisce come restare oziosi. L’ozio, in questo contesto, non è pigrizia, indifferenza, o inerzia, né “una forma di fuga da un eccessivo attivismo e pragmatismo […] È uno stato transizionale dell’esperienza […] caratterizzato da una quiete vigile e da una consapevolezza ricettiva, desta e sensibile.”*

“Masud Khan, a psychoanalyst, delineates an aspect of self-experience devoid of conflicts, individual, and private, which he defines as remaining idle. Idleness, in this context, is not laziness, indifference, or inertia, nor is it “a form of escape from excessive activism and pragmatism […] It is a transitional state of experience […] characterized by a vigilant stillness and a receptive, awake, and sensitive awareness.”*

Screenshot 2023-11-27 193128

G. Regnani, #peacetraits_12, 2023

#vitomancuso > La vita autentica 

“Likely, each of us carries both perspectives: the one that sees nature as a benevolent mother, life as meaningful, and harmony as a logical organization of matter always progressing; and the opposite view, which sees nature as a faceless stepmother, life as lacking a definite meaning, and ‘pólemos,’ war, as a logic guiding things in an indifferent dance between life and death. The problem is much more complex than a simple division between the good and the bad.”*

Screenshot 2023-11-27 193607

G. Regnani, #peacetraits_11, 2023

#zygmuntbauman > Liquid Love. On the Frailty of Human Bonds

“When it comes to love, possession, power, fusion, and disillusionment are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It is in this wondrous fragility of love, alongside its reluctant embrace of vulnerability, that its beauty lies. Love always aims for permanence, but in the moment of its triumph, it suffers its ultimate defeat. Love constantly strives to eliminate its sources of insecurity and apprehension, but if it succeeds, it quickly withers and fades.”*


G. Regnani, #peacetraits_10, 2023

#sigmundfreud > Aforismi e pensieri

“While not being a fervent advocate of compassion and acknowledging the biological and psychological necessity of suffering in the human experience, it is nonetheless impossible to refrain from condemning war in its purposes and means and aspiring to the cessation of wars.”*


G. Regnani, #peacetraits_9, 2023

#fritjofcapra > The Tao of Physics

“The concept of change, understood as the dynamic interaction of opposites, has led to the discovery that all opposites are polar and, therefore, they form a single whole. ‘The road up and down is one and the same,’ and again: ‘God is day and night, winter and summer, war and peace, satiety and hunger.’ Like the Taoists, every pair of opposites is seen as a unity, aware of the relativity of all these concepts…”*


G. Regnani, #peacetraits_8, 2023

#primolevi > La tregua

“Now everything is in a state of chaos, and I am left alone in the center of a gray and turbid nothingness. In that moment, I understand what all of this means, and it’s as if I had always known. The rest was merely a brief respite or a trick of the senses, a dream. Now this inner dream, the dream of peace, is over, and in the external dream, which continues frigid…”*


G. Regnani, #peacetraits_7, 2023

#primolevi > La tregua

“Now everything is in a state of chaos, and I am left alone in the center of a gray and turbid nothingness. In that moment, I understand what all of this means, and it’s as if I had always known. The rest was merely a brief respite or a trick of the senses, a dream. Now this inner dream, the dream of peace, is over, and in the external dream, which continues frigid…”*


G. Regnani, #peacetraits_6, 2023

#aldoushuxley > Brave New World

“Freedom does not thrive in a country that is always at war or gearing up for conflict. A permanent crisis justifies central government control over everything and everyone. And it is precisely a state of perpetual crisis that we should expect in this world…”*


G. Regnani, #peacetraits_5, 2023 

#hermannhesse > Siddharta
“His face, his gait, his gaze humbly cast downward, his hand hanging motionless, and even every finger of the motionless hanging hand, expressed a sense of peace, a sense of perfection: there was nothing in him that betrayed the pursuit or aspiration for something; he breathed gently in an eternal stillness, in an eternal light, in an inviolable peace.”*


G. Regnani, #peacetraits_4, 2023

#aldoushuxley > Brave New World

“Most of us desire peace and freedom, but only a few show enthusiasm for the ideas and actions that lead to peace and freedom. Conversely, almost no one wishes for war and tyranny, but many find satisfaction in the thoughts, feelings, and actions that lead to war.”*


G. Regnani, #peacetraits_3, 2023

#clifforddsimak > City

“For a hundred and twenty-five years, no individual had committed murder against another… For over a thousand years, the act of killing had become obsolete, outdated, when it came to defining humanity. For more than a millennium, the practice of killing had fallen into disuse, and no one had shed blood in the last hundred and twenty-five years. A thousand years of peace, and one death could have obliterated all progress. A shot fired in the night could have brought the entire structure crashing down, reverting humankind to a primitive and brutal way of thinking.”*


G. Regnani, #peacetraits_2, 2023

#primolevi > La tregua

“This hope was a part of an even greater hope, that of a world upright and just, miraculously restored on its natural foundations after an eternity of upheavals, mistakes, and tragedies, after a time of our long patience. It was a naive hope, like all those resting on too sharp distinctions between good and evil, between the past and the future, but we lived it.”*


G. Regnani, #peacetraits_1, 2023


[uncountable, singular] a situation or a period of time in which there is no war or violence in a country or an area…”**


 /ˈpɔːtreɪt/,  /ˈpɔːtrət/
a painting, drawing or photograph of a person, especially of the head and shoulders…”**



a multimedia project


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#Parktraits project_logo

G. Regnani, Parktrait_#0, 2023-2024


PARKINSON’s portraits

I “volti” del Parkinson


Il Parktraits project è un innovativo progetto-pilota sperimentale, multimediale, “esportabile”, presentato il 25-11-2023 alla

Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli di Roma

su invito della dott.ssa Carla Piano e della prof.ssa Anna Rita Bentivoglio, Responsabile UOS Disturbi del movimento, Dipartimento di Neuroscienze

e, in occasione della



con il supporto della Banca d’Italia

Arte e ParkinsonLa cura del benessere nella malattia (incontro/onvegno)PARKTRAITS projectParkinson’s portraits(mostra di “ri-tratti” fotografici) | Fotografia, comunicazione, media e società (

Il progetto è stato ideato e avviato l’8-7-2023 da Gerardo Regnani per far conoscere meglio la Malattia di Parkinson.

La prima fase del progetto ha portato alla realizzazione 104 “ri–tratti” fotografici, rielaborati alla maniera della Pop Art (vedi tutta la gallery più in basso).

Grazie, dunque, a chi ci ha già “messo la faccia”!


ART vs Parkinson’s too!

Inaugurata anche una nuova gallery intitolata GUESTS & FRIEND(vedi, più in basso e, a seguire, la gallery dei primi 104 “ri–tratti“ fotografici)

A richiesta, è già disponibile il libro-portfolio artigianale con tutti i “ri–tratti” fotografici sino ad ora realizzati


Puoi aiutare il progetto facendo una piccola donazione e/o chiedendo un ri–tratto o un calendario 

per info:  PARKTRAITS CALENDAR (coming soon….) | Fotografia, comunicazione, media e società (

Per richieste, invio di selfie o ritratti, informazioni e contatti:

 Aiutaci ora anche a trovare altre sedi espositive dove mostrare i Parktraits 

ART vs Parkinson’s too!



Parkinson’s portraits

(presentazione video del progetto)


* Translation, pharaphrases by ChatGPT Open AI


Video del Convegno


La cura del benessere nella Malattia”

 Teatro Salone Margherita

Roma, 11 aprile 2024

Giornata Mondiale del Parkinson

 Con il supporto della Banca d’Italia

Presentazione del Parktraits project – Parkinson’s portraits di Gerardo Regnani.
“Un profilo socio-demografico-culturale della Malattia di Parkinson”, Francesco Truglia, Primo Ricercatore Istat.
“Parkinson, l’Arte come terapia”, Giancarlo Santoni, Psicologo Clinico–Psicoterapeuta dell’età evolutiva, SIPEA – Società Italiana di Psicologia Educazione e Artiterapie Onlus.
“Gli interventi complementari nella cura del Parkinson”, Nicola Modugno, Parkin zone Onlus, Neurologo presso l’Ospedale Neuromed di Pozzilli (IS).
Presentazione del docufilm “Non smetteremo mai di sognare”, realizzato dall’Associazione Parkinson&Sport, a cura di Marco Ramelli e Jay Ferreira. Associazione ParkinsOnMove APS.
“Bradù, le vignette di un bradipo filosofo, ‘degenerato’ come il suo autore”, di Massimo Crucitti.
Interpretazione della poesia “La casa – Interni” di Gerardo Regnani, a cura di Pino Grossi, attore e regista.
Moderatore Andrea D’Ortenzio, Giornalista Ansa
Nello stesso Teatro è stata anche allestita la mostra
“Parktraits project – Parkinson’s portraits”
di Gerardo Regnani.
Grazie a tutte/i per il sostegno e la condivisione
Parktraits project – riferimenti
Parkinson’s portraits
con il patrocinio della
Associazione culturale no-profit FINE
(Fotografia e Incontri con le Nuove Espressioni)
“Parktraits project – Parkinson’s portraits”
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